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What you can expect from a Law Firm Suites tour:

View office space that will work best for your firm & budget.

Meet other self-employed attorneys like you.

Learn about recent client referrals in your practice area.

Experience Law Firm Suites' professionally managed legal suites first hand.


“Law Firm Suites is incredibly well run, due in no small part that it is owned and operated by lawyers. As a solo attorney, my time is valuable and constantly in short supply. Law Firm Suites takes care of all the extraneous office hassles that prevent me from doing my job. They provide me with a phone that always works, Internet that never “goes out” and an office temperature that is constantly comfortable.

My clients are greeted professionally and courteously. The conference rooms are always clean, professional in appearance and always available. In private practice, time wasted is income lost. Law Firm Suites saves me time, allowing me to do what I do best: practice law.”   

Peter Aronson
Elder Law, Law Office of Peter Aronson



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