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Free eBook: Uncover lucrative referral sources for your law practice!

A lucrative case that should have been yours was just referred to an attorney with half your experience (and you didn't even know it)!

After helping Law Firm Suites’ clients find suitable recipients for thousands of client referrals, we started to notice that attorneys were consistently referring cases to unlikely practice areas. The practice areas that can refer new cases to your firm may not be as obvious as you think!

Free eBook: How Legal Referrals Flow

What is this?

We surveyed 100 lawyers in 34 practice areas to find out where, exactly, their business comes from.

What you will learn.

Every potential legal practice area that can refer clients to your firm (and not just the obvious places).

How this will help you.

Increase profitability by expanding your networking to
include referral sources you may have overlooked.

Here are just two examples that we found:

Immigration ➡ IP

Who would have though immigration lawyers would be good referral sources for intellectual property attorneys? But it turns out they are.

Corporate ➡ Matrimonial

Successful entrepreneurs must pay too much attention to business (and not their spouses), because corporate attorneys are great referral sources for divorce lawyers.