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Dramatically increase client referrals, simply by having better "manners".

Free eBook: The Attorney’s Guide to Referral EtiquetteHow this eBook will help you:

The easiest and least expensive way market a law practice is to increase referrals from other attorneys.

You may have (inadvertently) cut yourself off from a lucrative stream of referrals by not knowing these rules of etiquette.

Your professional reputation is your financial lifeline, knowing these rules will help you protect and improve it.

What you will learn in this eBook:

Are bad manners costing your law practice valuable client referrals?

  • Why asking for a referral fee is bad business.
  • Why some lawyers won’t refer you clients simply because of your email address.
  • Why you must follow up on every referral, even if it’s not a great fit.
  • Why charging an initial consult fee is costing you referrals.

Free eBook: The Attorney’s Guide to Referral Etiquette


What makes Law Firm Suites the authority on referrals?

Our community of attorneys exchanges over $2.5 million in referrals every year. In many cases, we are the conduit between referrers and recipients. When referrals go bad, we are the first to hear about it and we work with our clients to mend fences. This eBook discusses the most common mistakes that have resulted in friendly, smart and capable attorneys being cut out of LFS’ lucrative referral network.