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Free eBook: Learn how your firm can reach its full income potential.

The most common mistakes that prevent small law practices from reaching their full potential.

Have you ever looked at the balance in your operating account only to find there is barely enough to cover the stack of bills on your desk?


How this eBook will help you:

By understanding the most common mistakes small firm attorneys make,  you can anticipate them before they become problems, putting your firm on a rapid path to success, never having to ask yourself again:

“What happened? I worked 50+ hour weeks all month and my practice seems to be going nowhere?”

What you will learn:

  • How attorneys use ‘busy work’ as their security blanket.
  • How to start delegating admin work, even with small budget (or no budget).
  • Why failing to commit to a practice area niche will make you lose money.
  • How to use blogs and newsletters to market your practice automatically.
  • How to break through the feast or famine income cycle common with small law firms.